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Launch visitor information protect system

Launch more APIs integrated with third-party systems


Dynamic authenticator

further integration with WeChat platform


Integrated with WeChat and Yixin

Provided solutions for enterprise clients

Made a major breakthrough in overseas markets

Obtained CMMI3 certification


Developed Live800 mobile Apps

Established overseas office in Canada

Updated PC client to optimize user experience


First to launch the security tool - Dynamic Password Card

First to integrate with QQ to implement IM communication in the world

First to integrate with Google Analytics and implement multi-dimensional statistics reports in the world


First to integrate with MSN and implement IM communication in the world

Acquired the International ISO9001:2008 Quality Authentication


First to meet China Mobile Online Customer Service Standard products

First to launch the initiative chat technology which will never be shielded in China

First to integrate with the CRM module in China

First to integrate with the Desktop Remote Control module

Strategic cooperation with GlobalSign


First to launch the Website Self-help Navigation module in the world

First to launch online differentiation initiative marketing in China

First to launch the Web Page Collaborative module

Acquisition of China's first live chat product—Business Communication Established branch office in Tokyo, Japan

Strategic cooperation with Amenity and Primeton


First to provide customer service rights management in China

Rated as RISK1 by World Top 500 Dun & Bradstreet


First to support system cluster and remote disaster backup in China

First to serve the B2B customer—eBay, and provide the call center KPI report in China

Became the first global supplier of IBM in China

Asia-pacific strategic cooperation with Microsoft


First to implement the Real-time View function in China

First to implement None Plug-in for customers in China

Strategic cooperation with Intel, Asianfo


Strategic cooperation with Cafesoft, Softer