Welcome to visit Live800! Live800 has just launched 15.0 Version.
Perfect combination of “Online Customer Service” and “Sales Management” for your experience!

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Multiple Communication Channels

Without installing any softwares, visitors may
have real time dialogues with operators.
Operators can enable Initiate and Invite
to chat with visitors who also can
click email icon to chat with operators.

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Accuracy of Demand Prediction

Focus on clients' access path, effectively seize customers'
intentionQuickly acquire visitors' source, automatically identify
repeat clients Obtain chat history records, capture visitors
browsing tracks Real-time view visitors' inputting info,
grasp every client

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Customer Relationship Management

Customer info follow-up management, reverse connection in
a variety of ways.
Online customer service and sales platform, easy to manage
customer data
Follow-up record to control sales status & deal process
Online and offline integration and collaboration

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Integration with Google Analyse

Multidimensional data, marketing guide strategy, website overview,
traffic information, keywords, search engines, all-round information
drill and display; visitor loyalty, amount of chats, bounce rate,
multiple perspectives of data analysis.
Live800 helps you do targeted promotion, and improve website
using experience.

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Smart Robot

Powerful smart robot service system,
Day and night, the service does never stop.
Depending on your needs to configuring robots knowledgebase
carried by the robot and visitors
Real-time communication helps you to improve visitor satisfaction
and advisory capacity.

Perfect KPI System

Customer service attendance analysis
Working hours utilization analysis
Chat efficiency analysis
Only for some versions!